The Cat in the Hat in The Big Top


THe fantastic, National Theatre production of Dr Seuss’s classic story is just one of the treats that we’re bringing to you this year. It’s wild, wacky and wonderful and certainly deserves all the praise it’s received.

Hullabaloo Animation

Those lovely folk at Hullabaloo Arts have helped some aspiring animators to create a short film today. Hullabaloo Stop Frame Thursday from Kidz Field on Vimeo.

Kidz Field Crew Group Photo

For our 20th year, after Tony’s message to the crew, we all gathered outside, in front of the castle and Dan and Spike, our Kidz Field photographers, clambered up a ladder and managed to squeeze us all in for a fantastic group photo!

The Kidz Field Meeting


At the end of yesterday all of the Kidz Field crew gathered together in The Big Top to renew hellos and hear Tony give his 20th ‘Welcome To The Kidz Field’ speech. As usual he inspired us and amused in equal measure with tales of the escapades and adventures of …

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Spike has joined the Team

We’re really lucky to have two super talented photographers with us this year, our old friend Dan Green and our new friend Spike. Just to start us off Spike took a few snaps as he walked up the field.

The New Gate is Up!!


We’ve got a beautiful new gate. Dave and the Crew have been hard at work all year to bring us the fantastic new grand entrance which has many, many new characters and scenes woven into to it. It’s only ONE MORE DAY until you can wander in and marvel at …

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Tony Sings!!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 15.05.49

Jonno is touring the Kidz Field getting people to sing along to the Kidz Field 20 Years Anthem. He actually got Tony to sing!! Tony Sings!! from Kidz Field on Vimeo.

We’re all here and it’s getting started

Kidz Field Gate

Everyone is working away to put the finishing touches to the Kidz Field before the party begins in TWO DAYS TIME!!!! We’ve added NEW PHOTOS OF THE FIELD being built and we’re sure to be ready for this 20th Anniversary Year!!!

The Bus is on it’s way


Tony sets off on the journey that brings the LEGENDARY Kidz Field Bus to Glastonbury. Recorded for posterity by the V&A Archive team. The Leyland PD2 is one of the last remaining vehicles from Stonehenge 1984 and veteran of myriad UK festivals as well as a grand tour of Europe

2014 – 20 years of magic

It’s 20 years since the Kidzfield was created and we’re crafting something special for our anniversary. 2014 is looking like the best year EVER for us and we’re searching high and low for the best in kidz entertainment. We’re delighted to have a brilliant new look to the website for …

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