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  • Friday at the Kidzfield: in photos

    Date: 2010.06.25 | Category: Photos | Response: 0

    We’ll be uploading photos all day to this Flickr Set – just click play to view the images… you can go full screen too!

  • Friday at the Kidzfield begins

    Date: 2010.06.25 | Category: News | Response: 0

    The crew are up, the field is open and the kids are coming! Kidzfield is normally open from Friday to Sunday, so opening yesterday was a bonus, and a chance for us to get everything working. Today it feels like Glastonbury as normal, and we’re open to all until 7pm tonight.

    There’s tons of things going on in Kidzfield this year, and we’ve recruited about 6 or 7 of the kidzfield crew kids to run the team, and they’ll be going out into the field later today to shoot video and photos to bring the kidzfield to you. We’ll be meeting some of the performers, looking at some of the amazing tents and rides, and talking to the kidz who visit us.

    As last year, we’ll be tweeting @kidzfield, putting our photos up on Flickr, our videos onto…. and you’ll be able to see everything right here on

    If you’re in Glastonbury, come over and say hi – Tom, Colin and Dan from (just ask at the office!)

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